Commit 33a44b55 authored by Fiona Glaser's avatar Fiona Glaser

Fix dumb bug caused by stray semicolon

Caused noise reduction to run incorrectly in part of RD, but probably had no effect.
parent 4a3e072e
......@@ -1175,7 +1175,7 @@ void x264_macroblock_encode_p8x8( x264_t *h, int i8 )
p_fenc = h->mb.pic.p_fenc[1+ch] + 4*x + 4*y*FENC_STRIDE;
p_fdec = h->mb.pic.p_fdec[1+ch] + 4*x + 4*y*FDEC_STRIDE;
h->dctf.sub4x4_dct( dct4x4, p_fenc, p_fdec );
if( h->mb.b_noise_reduction );
if( h->mb.b_noise_reduction )
h->quantf.denoise_dct( dct4x4, h->nr_residual_sum[2], h->nr_offset[2], 16 );
dct4x4[0] = 0;
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