Commit 06fbd9df authored by Henrik Gramner's avatar Henrik Gramner Committed by Fiona Glaser

Inline emms instructions on x86 if possible

parent f7c6d308
......@@ -31,7 +31,16 @@ int x264_cpu_num_processors( void );
void x264_cpu_emms( void );
void x264_cpu_sfence( void );
/* There is no way to forbid the compiler from using float instructions
* before the emms so miscompilation could theoretically occur in the
* unlikely event that the compiler reorders emms and float instructions. */
/* Clobbering memory makes the compiler less likely to reorder code. */
#define x264_emms() asm volatile( "emms":::"memory","st","st(1)","st(2)", \
"st(3)","st(4)","st(5)","st(6)","st(7)" )
#define x264_emms() x264_cpu_emms()
#define x264_emms()
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