1. 06 May, 2010 3 commits
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      Deduplicate asm constants, automate name prefixing · 311c4bb1
      Fiona Glaser authored
      Auto-prefix global constants with x264_ in cextern.
      Eliminate x264_ prefix from asm files; automate it in cglobal.
      Deduplicate asm constants wherever possible to save data cache (move them to a new const-a.asm).
      Remove x264_emms() entirely on non-x86 (don't even call an empty function).
      Add cextern_naked for a non-prefixed cextern (used in checkasm).
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      Shrink a few x86 asm functions · cca478ed
      Fiona Glaser authored
      Add a few more instructions to cut down on the use of the 4-byte addressing mode.
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      Make options SEI use weight* instead of wpred* · c490e416
      Fiona Glaser authored
      More intuitive and maps more reasonably to the CLI options.
      Breaks statsfile backwards-compatibility.
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