Commit f857c08d authored by Yusuke Nakamura's avatar Yusuke Nakamura Committed by Fiona Glaser

Fix Avisynth input

Regression in r1624.  A more permanent solution to the problem will be committed later.
parent e46bf243
......@@ -280,9 +280,9 @@ static int get_frame_total( hnd_t handle )
static int picture_alloc( x264_picture_t *pic, int i_csp, int i_width, int i_height )
memset( pic, 0, sizeof( x264_picture_t ) );
pic->img.i_csp = i_csp;
pic->img.i_plane = 3;
pic->param = NULL;
pic->i_pic_struct = PIC_STRUCT_AUTO;
return 0;
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