Commit f5d929ab authored by Luca Barbato's avatar Luca Barbato Committed by Henrik Gramner
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ppc: Fix zigzag_interleave

The permv array has 3 elements
parent 7737e6ad
......@@ -641,7 +641,7 @@ void x264_zigzag_interleave_8x8_cavlc_altivec( int16_t *dst, int16_t *src, uint8
vec_s16_t tmpv[8];
vec_s16_t merge[2];
vec_s16_t permv[2];
vec_s16_t permv[3];
vec_s16_t orv[4];
vec_s16_t src0v = vec_ld( 0*16, src );
vec_s16_t src1v = vec_ld( 1*16, src );
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