Commit f2b4f29c authored by Henrik Gramner's avatar Henrik Gramner Committed by Fiona Glaser
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x86inc: Drop tzcnt workaround

It is no longer needed now that we've bumped the version requirement of yasm to 1.2.0.
parent ccda1ba4
......@@ -1358,10 +1358,6 @@ FMA_INSTR pmacsdd, pmulld, paddd
FMA_INSTR pmacsww, pmullw, paddw
FMA_INSTR pmadcswd, pmaddwd, paddd
; tzcnt is equivalent to "rep bsf" and is backwards-compatible with bsf.
; This lets us use tzcnt without bumping the yasm version requirement yet.
%define tzcnt rep bsf
; convert FMA4 to FMA3 if possible
%macro FMA4_INSTR 4
%macro %1 4-8 %1, %2, %3, %4
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