Commit f151cc4b authored by Alexander Strange's avatar Alexander Strange Committed by Fiona Glaser

Add support for psy-rd/trellis to encoder_reconfig

parent f7cc3064
......@@ -823,6 +823,8 @@ int x264_encoder_reconfig( x264_t *h, x264_param_t *param )
COPY( analyse.b_dct_decimate );
COPY( analyse.b_fast_pskip );
COPY( analyse.b_mixed_references );
COPY( analyse.f_psy_rd );
COPY( analyse.f_psy_trellis );
// can only twiddle these if they were enabled to begin with:
if( h->pps->b_transform_8x8_mode )
COPY( analyse.b_transform_8x8 );
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