Commit f0ac608d authored by Steven Walters's avatar Steven Walters Committed by Fiona Glaser
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Minor seeking fix with Avisynth input

Seeking past the end of the input with --seek would result in the same frame being repeated over and over.
parent c186d2ac
......@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ typedef struct
AVS_Clip *clip;
AVS_ScriptEnvironment *env;
HMODULE library;
int num_frames;
/* declare function pointers for the utilized functions to be loaded without __declspec,
as the avisynth header does not compensate for this type of usage */
......@@ -231,12 +232,13 @@ static int open_file( char *psz_filename, hnd_t *p_handle, x264_param_t *p_param
p_param->i_height = vi->height;
p_param->i_fps_num = vi->fps_numerator;
p_param->i_fps_den = vi->fps_denominator;
h->num_frames = vi->num_frames;
p_param->i_csp = X264_CSP_YV12;
fprintf( stderr, "avs [info]: %dx%d @ %.2f fps (%d frames)\n",
p_param->i_width, p_param->i_height,
(double)p_param->i_fps_num / p_param->i_fps_den,
vi->num_frames );
h->num_frames );
*p_handle = h;
return 0;
......@@ -245,8 +247,7 @@ static int open_file( char *psz_filename, hnd_t *p_handle, x264_param_t *p_param
static int get_frame_total( hnd_t handle )
avs_hnd_t *h = handle;
const AVS_VideoInfo *vi = h->func.avs_get_video_info( h->clip );
return vi->num_frames;
return h->num_frames;
static int picture_alloc( x264_picture_t *pic, int i_csp, int i_width, int i_height )
......@@ -261,6 +262,8 @@ static int read_frame( x264_picture_t *p_pic, hnd_t handle, int i_frame )
static int plane[3] = { AVS_PLANAR_Y, AVS_PLANAR_V, AVS_PLANAR_U };
avs_hnd_t *h = handle;
if( i_frame >= h->num_frames )
return -1;
AVS_VideoFrame *frm =
p_pic->opaque = h->func.avs_get_frame( h->clip, i_frame );
int i;
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