Commit efa85578 authored by David Conrad's avatar David Conrad Committed by Fiona Glaser
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ARM configure: enable NEON-related options by default

When compiling for ARM, x264 will compile by default for Cortex A8 unless specified otherwise.
To compile for pre-ARMv6, --disable-asm is required.
parent 918808f8
......@@ -326,12 +326,17 @@ if [ $asm = yes -a \( $ARCH = X86 -o $ARCH = X86_64 \) ] ; then
if [ $asm = yes -a $ARCH = ARM ] ; then
# set flags so neon is built by default
echo $CFLAGS | grep -Eq '(-mcpu|-march|-mfpu|-mfloat-abi)' || CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -mcpu=cortex-a8 -mfpu=neon -mfloat-abi=softfp"
if cc_check '' '' 'asm("rev r0, r0");' ; then CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -DHAVE_ARMV6"
cc_check '' '' 'asm("movt r0, #0");' && CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -DHAVE_ARMV6T2"
cc_check '' '' 'asm("vadd.i16 q0, q0, q0");' && CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -DHAVE_NEON"
echo "You specified a pre-ARMv6 CPU in your CFLAGS."
echo "If you really want to run on such a CPU, configure with --disable-asm."
exit 1
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