Commit ec2f6f4f authored by Fiona Glaser's avatar Fiona Glaser

Get rid of "CBR" descriptor from qcomp

Though technically accurate in some vague way, I have never actually seen this
option used correctly, rather it has been used by hundreds of people who can't
read the documentation and believe that qcomp=0 is what should be used for CBR
parent 4767b0e1
......@@ -233,7 +233,7 @@ static void Help( x264_param_t *defaults, int b_longhelp )
" - 3: Nth pass, overwrites stats file\n" );
H0( " --stats <string> Filename for 2 pass stats [\"%s\"]\n", defaults->rc.psz_stat_out );
H0( " --no-mbtree Disable mb-tree ratecontrol.\n");
H0( " --qcomp <float> QP curve compression: 0.0 => CBR, 1.0 => CQP [%.2f]\n", defaults->rc.f_qcompress );
H1( " --qcomp <float> QP curve compression [%.2f]\n", defaults->rc.f_qcompress );
H1( " --cplxblur <float> Reduce fluctuations in QP (before curve compression) [%.1f]\n", defaults->rc.f_complexity_blur );
H1( " --qblur <float> Reduce fluctuations in QP (after curve compression) [%.1f]\n", defaults->rc.f_qblur );
H0( " --zones <zone0>/<zone1>/... Tweak the bitrate of some regions of the video\n" );
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