Commit c6f3d17f authored by Eric Petit's avatar Eric Petit
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[mp4] ftyp & moov boxes at the begining of the file, (thanks to jeanlf

 for comments)

 patch by bobololo

git-svn-id: svn:// df754926-b1dd-0310-bc7b-ec298dee348c
parent 74eecd32
......@@ -1199,7 +1199,7 @@ static int close_file_mp4( hnd_t handle )
recompute_bitrate_mp4(p_mp4->p_file, p_mp4->i_track);
M4_SetMoviePLIndication(p_mp4->p_file, M4_PL_VISUAL, 0x15);
M4_SetMovieVersionInfo(p_mp4->p_file, H264_AVC_File, 0);
M4_SetStorageMode(p_mp4->p_file, M4_FLAT);
M4_SetStorageMode(p_mp4->p_file, M4_STREAMABLE);
......@@ -1218,7 +1218,7 @@ static int open_file_mp4( char *psz_filename, hnd_t *p_handle )
return -1;
memset(p_mp4, 0, sizeof(mp4_t));
p_mp4->p_file = M4_MovieOpen(psz_filename, M4_OPEN_WRITE);
p_mp4->p_file = M4_MovieOpen(psz_filename, M4_WRITE_EDIT);
if ((p_mp4->p_sample = M4_NewSample()) == NULL)
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