Commit bc77b5b9 authored by Loren Merritt's avatar Loren Merritt
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cover some more options in fprofile. (esa, bime, cqm, nr, no-dct-decimate, trellis2)

previously, esa was slower with fprofile than without, since gcc thought it wasn't important. now esa benefits like anything else.

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parent 0291a044
......@@ -110,9 +110,11 @@ endif
# These should cover most of the important codepaths
OPT0 = --crf 30 -b1 -m1 -r1 --me dia --no-cabac
OPT1 = --crf 18 -b2 -m3 -r3 --me hex -8 --cqm jvt --direct spatial
OPT2 = --crf 24 -b3 -m7 -r5 --me umh -8 -w -t1 -A all --b-pyramid --b-rdo --mixed-refs --direct auto
OPT0 = --crf 30 -b1 -m1 -r1 --me dia --no-cabac --pre-scenecut --direct temporal --no-ssim --no-psnr
OPT1 = --crf 16 -b2 -m3 -r3 --me hex -8 --direct spatial --no-dct-decimate
OPT2 = --crf 26 -b2 -m5 -r2 --me hex -8 -w --cqm jvt --nr 100
OPT3 = --crf 18 -b3 -m7 -r5 --me umh -8 -t1 -A all --mixed-refs --b-rdo -w --b-pyramid --direct auto --bime --no-fast-pskip
OPT4 = --crf 22 -b3 -m6 -r3 --me esa -8 -t2 -A all --mixed-refs --b-rdo --bime
ifeq (,$(VIDS))
......@@ -125,7 +127,7 @@ fprofiled:
mv config.mak config.mak2
sed -e 's/CFLAGS.*/& -fprofile-generate/; s/LDFLAGS.*/& -fprofile-generate/' config.mak2 > config.mak
$(MAKE) x264$(EXE)
$(foreach V, $(VIDS), $(foreach I, 0 1 2, ./x264$(EXE) $(OPT$I) $(V) --progress -o $(DEVNULL) ;))
$(foreach V, $(VIDS), $(foreach I, 0 1 2 3 4, ./x264$(EXE) $(OPT$I) $(V) --progress -o $(DEVNULL) ;))
rm -f $(SRC2:%.c=%.o)
sed -e 's/CFLAGS.*/& -fprofile-use/; s/LDFLAGS.*/& -fprofile-use/' config.mak2 > config.mak
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