Commit b304a7ca authored by Fiona Glaser's avatar Fiona Glaser
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Improve slice header QP selection

Use the first macroblock of each slice instead of the last of the previous.
Lets us pick a reasonable initial QP for the first slice too.
Slightly improved compression.
parent 0d5f6fba
......@@ -2236,14 +2236,10 @@ static int x264_slice_write( x264_t *h )
/* Slice header */
x264_macroblock_thread_init( h );
/* If this isn't the first slice in the threadslice, set the slice QP
* equal to the last QP in the previous slice for more accurate
* CABAC initialization. */
if( h->sh.i_first_mb != h->i_threadslice_start * h->mb.i_mb_width )
h->sh.i_qp = h->mb.i_last_qp;
h->sh.i_qp_delta = h->sh.i_qp - h->pps->i_pic_init_qp;
/* Set the QP equal to the first QP in the slice for more accurate CABAC initialization. */
h->mb.i_mb_xy = h->sh.i_first_mb;
h->sh.i_qp = x264_ratecontrol_mb_qp( h );
h->sh.i_qp_delta = h->sh.i_qp - h->pps->i_pic_init_qp;
x264_slice_header_write( &h->, &h->sh, h->i_nal_ref_idc );
if( h->param.b_cabac )
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