Commit b15e5214 authored by Steven Walters's avatar Steven Walters Committed by Fiona Glaser
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Fix incompatible csp format issue

Problem occurred with unknown pixel formats and non mod2 resolutions in the resize filter.
parent 88cc4b0d
......@@ -369,7 +369,14 @@ static int init( hnd_t *handle, cli_vid_filter_t *filter, video_info_t *info, x2
h->dst.width = info->width;
h->dst.height = info->height;
if( !strcmp( opt_string, "normcsp" ) )
h->dst_csp = pick_closest_supported_csp( info->csp );
/* now fix the catch-all i420 choice if it does not allow for the current input resolution dimensions. */
if( h->dst_csp == X264_CSP_I420 && info->width&1 )
h->dst_csp = X264_CSP_I444;
if( h->dst_csp == X264_CSP_I420 && info->height&1 )
h->dst_csp = X264_CSP_I422;
else if( handle_opts( optlist, opts, info, h ) )
return -1;
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