Commit 9e5d49f0 authored by Guillaume Poirier's avatar Guillaume Poirier

add AltiVec 16 <-> 32 bits conversions macros

parent 7a1bfdd1
......@@ -87,6 +87,22 @@ typedef union {
#define vec_u16_to_u8(v) vec_pack( v, zero_u16v )
#define vec_s16_to_u8(v) vec_packsu( v, zero_s16v )
* 16 <-> 32 bits conversions
#define vec_u16_to_u32_h(v) (vec_u32_t) vec_mergeh( zero_u16v, (vec_u16_t) v )
#define vec_u16_to_u32_l(v) (vec_u32_t) vec_mergel( zero_u16v, (vec_u16_t) v )
#define vec_u16_to_s32_h(v) (vec_s32_t) vec_mergeh( zero_u16v, (vec_u16_t) v )
#define vec_u16_to_s32_l(v) (vec_s32_t) vec_mergel( zero_u16v, (vec_u16_t) v )
#define vec_u16_to_u32(v) vec_u16_to_u32_h(v)
#define vec_u16_to_s32(v) vec_u16_to_s32_h(v)
#define vec_u32_to_u16(v) vec_pack( v, zero_u32v )
#define vec_s32_to_u16(v) vec_packsu( v, zero_s32v )
* PREP_LOAD: declares two vectors required to perform unaligned loads
* VEC_LOAD: loads n bytes from u8 * p into vector v of type t where o is from original src offset
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