Commit 98a6d134 authored by Fiona Glaser's avatar Fiona Glaser

Slightly faster ssse3 width4 chroma MC

Cacheline-aware in the same fashion as width8, but not conditional.
parent 8dc839a6
......@@ -954,14 +954,22 @@ cglobal x264_mc_chroma_ssse3%1, 0,6,%2
movifnidn r4d, r7m
SPLATW m6, m6
SPLATW m7, m7
movh m0, [r2]
punpcklbw m0, [r2+1]
add r2, r3
mov r5, r2
and r2, ~3
and r5, 3
%ifdef PIC
lea r11, [ch_shuffle GLOBAL]
movu m5, [r11 + r5*2]
movu m5, [ch_shuffle + r5*2 GLOBAL]
movu m0, [r2]
pshufb m0, m5
movh m1, [r2]
movh m3, [r2+r3]
punpcklbw m1, [r2+1]
punpcklbw m3, [r2+r3+1]
movu m1, [r2+r3]
pshufb m1, m5
movu m3, [r2+2*r3]
pshufb m3, m5
lea r2, [r2+2*r3]
mova m2, m1
mova m4, m3
......@@ -969,8 +977,8 @@ cglobal x264_mc_chroma_ssse3%1, 0,6,%2
pmaddubsw m1, m6
pmaddubsw m2, m7
pmaddubsw m3, m6
paddw m0, m5
paddw m2, m5
paddw m0, [pw_32 GLOBAL]
paddw m2, [pw_32 GLOBAL]
paddw m1, m0
paddw m3, m2
mova m0, m4
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