Commit 930d7c11 authored by Fiona Glaser's avatar Fiona Glaser

Fix stupid regression in interlaced in r1430

With ref > 8 or b-pyramid, an array over-read could cause slightly incorrect B-frames.
parent 43d3d921
......@@ -654,8 +654,8 @@ struct x264_t
int i_chroma_lambda2_offset;
/* B_direct and weighted prediction */
int16_t dist_scale_factor_buf[2][16][2];
int16_t (*dist_scale_factor)[2];
int16_t dist_scale_factor_buf[2][32][4];
int16_t (*dist_scale_factor)[4];
int8_t bipred_weight_buf[2][32][4];
int8_t (*bipred_weight)[4];
/* maps fref1[0]'s ref indices into the current list0 */
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