Commit 8e67a586 authored by Fiona Glaser's avatar Fiona Glaser

Add missing fclose for mbtree input statsfile on second pass

Bug report by VFRmaniac
parent f81f14e2
......@@ -841,6 +841,8 @@ void x264_ratecontrol_delete( x264_t *h )
x264_free( rc->psz_mbtree_stat_file_tmpname );
x264_free( rc->psz_mbtree_stat_file_name );
if( rc->p_mbtree_stat_file_in )
fclose( rc->p_mbtree_stat_file_in );
x264_free( rc->pred );
x264_free( rc->pred_b_from_p );
x264_free( rc->entry );
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