Commit 79704fa5 authored by Fiona Glaser's avatar Fiona Glaser

Remove pre-scenecut from fprofile commands as well

Also add psy-trellis to fprofile
parent b77ea4db
......@@ -105,11 +105,11 @@ endif
# These should cover most of the important codepaths
OPT0 = --crf 30 -b1 -m1 -r1 --me dia --no-cabac --pre-scenecut --direct temporal --no-ssim --no-psnr
OPT0 = --crf 30 -b1 -m1 -r1 --me dia --no-cabac --direct temporal --no-ssim --no-psnr
OPT1 = --crf 16 -b2 -m3 -r3 --me hex -8 --direct spatial --no-dct-decimate
OPT2 = --crf 26 -b2 -m5 -r2 --me hex -8 -w --cqm jvt --nr 100
OPT3 = --crf 18 -b3 -m9 -r5 --me umh -8 -t1 -A all --mixed-refs -w --b-pyramid --direct auto --no-fast-pskip
OPT4 = --crf 22 -b3 -m7 -r4 --me esa -8 -t2 -A all --mixed-refs
OPT4 = --crf 22 -b3 -m7 -r4 --me esa -8 -t2 -A all --mixed-refs --psy-rd 1.0:1.0
OPT5 = --frames 50 --crf 24 -b3 -m9 -r3 --me tesa -8 -t1 --mixed-refs
OPT6 = --frames 50 -q0 -m9 -r2 --me hex -Aall
OPT7 = --frames 50 -q0 -m2 -r1 --me hex --no-cabac
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