Commit 73ae2d11 authored by Marcin Juszkiewicz's avatar Marcin Juszkiewicz Committed by Henrik Gramner
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aarch64: Remove broken CFLAGS in configure

GCC doesn't have an "-arch" switch, but works when that entire line is removed.
parent cc002bd5
......@@ -840,9 +840,6 @@ if [ $asm = auto -a $ARCH = ARM ] ; then
if [ $asm = auto -a $ARCH = AARCH64 ] ; then
# set flags so neon is built by default
echo $CFLAGS | grep -Eq '(-mcpu|-march|-mfpu|-arch)' || CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -arch arm64 -mfpu=neon"
if cc_check '' '' '__asm__("cmeq v0.8h, v0.8h, #0");' ; then define HAVE_NEON
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