Commit 6a85cf34 authored by Loic Le Loarer's avatar Loic Le Loarer Committed by Loren Merritt
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add interlacing to the list of stuff checked by x264_validate_levels

parent 5a9231a8
......@@ -559,6 +559,7 @@ int x264_validate_levels( x264_t *h, int verbose )
CHECK( "VBV bitrate", l->bitrate, h->param.rc.i_vbv_max_bitrate );
CHECK( "VBV buffer", l->cpb, h->param.rc.i_vbv_buffer_size );
CHECK( "MV range", l->mv_range, h->param.analyse.i_mv_range );
CHECK( "interlaced", !l->frame_only, h->param.b_interlaced );
if( h->param.i_fps_den > 0 )
CHECK( "MB rate", l->mbps, (int64_t)mbs * h->param.i_fps_num / h->param.i_fps_den );
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