Commit 3f516c52 authored by David Wolstencroft's avatar David Wolstencroft Committed by Fiona Glaser
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Disable ARM NEON MRC CPU test for Apple devices

The Apple A6 CPU doesn't support performance counters, so this test caused a crash.
parent ac2d7c08
......@@ -376,7 +376,10 @@ uint32_t x264_cpu_detect( void )
// Note that there is potential for a race condition if another program or
// x264 instance disables or reinits the counters while x264 is using them,
// which may result in incorrect detection and the counters stuck enabled.
// right now Apple does not seem to support performance counters for this test
#ifndef __MACH__
flags |= x264_cpu_fast_neon_mrc_test() ? X264_CPU_FAST_NEON_MRC : 0;
// TODO: write dual issue test? currently it's A8 (dual issue) vs. A9 (fast mrc)
return flags;
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