Commit 1507cfe8 authored by Henrik Gramner's avatar Henrik Gramner
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x86: Use one less register in mbtree_propagate_cost_avx2

Avoids the need to save and restore xmm6 on 64-bit Windows.
parent c82c7374
......@@ -2094,15 +2094,15 @@ INIT_XMM fma4
%macro INT16_UNPACK 1
punpckhwd xm4, xm%1, xm7
punpckhwd xm6, xm%1, xm7
punpcklwd xm%1, xm7
vinsertf128 m%1, m%1, xm4, 1
vinsertf128 m%1, m%1, xm6, 1
; FIXME: align loads to 16 bytes
%macro MBTREE_AVX 0
cglobal mbtree_propagate_cost, 6,6,8-cpuflag(avx2)
vbroadcastss m6, [r5]
cglobal mbtree_propagate_cost, 6,6,8-2*cpuflag(avx2)
vbroadcastss m5, [r5]
mov r5d, r6m
lea r0, [r0+r5*2]
add r5d, r5d
......@@ -2111,7 +2111,7 @@ cglobal mbtree_propagate_cost, 6,6,8-cpuflag(avx2)
add r3, r5
add r4, r5
neg r5
mova xm5, [pw_3fff]
mova xm4, [pw_3fff]
%if notcpuflag(avx2)
pxor xm7, xm7
......@@ -2120,27 +2120,27 @@ cglobal mbtree_propagate_cost, 6,6,8-cpuflag(avx2)
pmovzxwd m0, [r2+r5] ; intra
pmovzxwd m1, [r4+r5] ; invq
pmovzxwd m2, [r1+r5] ; prop
pand xm3, xm5, [r3+r5] ; inter
pand xm3, xm4, [r3+r5] ; inter
pmovzxwd m3, xm3
pminsd m3, m0
pmaddwd m1, m0
psubd m4, m0, m3
psubd m3, m0, m3
cvtdq2ps m0, m0
cvtdq2ps m1, m1
cvtdq2ps m2, m2
cvtdq2ps m4, m4
fmaddps m1, m1, m6, m2
rcpps m3, m0
mulps m2, m0, m3
mulps m1, m4
addps m4, m3, m3
fnmaddps m4, m2, m3, m4
mulps m1, m4
cvtdq2ps m3, m3
fmaddps m1, m1, m5, m2
rcpps m2, m0
mulps m0, m2
mulps m1, m3
addps m3, m2, m2
fnmaddps m2, m2, m0, m3
mulps m1, m2
movu xm0, [r2+r5]
movu xm1, [r4+r5]
movu xm2, [r1+r5]
pand xm3, xm5, [r3+r5]
pand xm3, xm4, [r3+r5]
pminsw xm3, xm0
......@@ -2151,16 +2151,16 @@ cglobal mbtree_propagate_cost, 6,6,8-cpuflag(avx2)
cvtdq2ps m2, m2
cvtdq2ps m3, m3
mulps m1, m0
subps m4, m0, m3
mulps m1, m6 ; intra*invq*fps_factor>>8
subps m3, m0, m3
mulps m1, m5 ; intra*invq*fps_factor>>8
addps m1, m2 ; prop + (intra*invq*fps_factor>>8)
rcpps m3, m0 ; 1 / intra 1st approximation
mulps m2, m0, m3 ; intra * (1/intra 1st approx)
mulps m2, m3 ; intra * (1/intra 1st approx)^2
mulps m1, m4 ; (prop + (intra*invq*fps_factor>>8)) * (intra - inter)
addps m3, m3 ; 2 * (1/intra 1st approx)
subps m3, m2 ; 2nd approximation for 1/intra
mulps m1, m3 ; / intra
rcpps m2, m0 ; 1 / intra 1st approximation
mulps m0, m2 ; intra * (1/intra 1st approx)
mulps m0, m2 ; intra * (1/intra 1st approx)^2
mulps m1, m3 ; (prop + (intra*invq*fps_factor>>8)) * (intra - inter)
addps m2, m2 ; 2 * (1/intra 1st approx)
subps m2, m0 ; 2nd approximation for 1/intra
mulps m1, m2 ; / intra
vcvtps2dq m1, m1
vextractf128 xm2, m1, 1
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