Commit 0e6425e0 authored by Anton Mitrofanov's avatar Anton Mitrofanov Committed by Henrik Gramner
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Fix --qpmax default value in fullhelp

parent 5f7f950c
......@@ -731,7 +731,7 @@ static void help( x264_param_t *defaults, int longhelp )
H2( " --crf-max <float> With CRF+VBV, limit RF to this value\n"
" May cause VBV underflows!\n" );
H2( " --qpmin <integer> Set min QP [%d]\n", defaults->rc.i_qp_min );
H2( " --qpmax <integer> Set max QP [%d]\n", defaults->rc.i_qp_max );
H2( " --qpmax <integer> Set max QP [%d]\n", X264_MIN( defaults->rc.i_qp_max, QP_MAX ) );
H2( " --qpstep <integer> Set max QP step [%d]\n", defaults->rc.i_qp_step );
H2( " --ratetol <float> Tolerance of ABR ratecontrol and VBV [%.1f]\n", defaults->rc.f_rate_tolerance );
H2( " --ipratio <float> QP factor between I and P [%.2f]\n", defaults->rc.f_ip_factor );
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