Commit 031b37d3 authored by Yasuhiro Ikeda's avatar Yasuhiro Ikeda Committed by Fiona Glaser
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.gitignore more untracked file types

parent 9e79fa38
*~ *~
*.a *.a
*.diff *.diff
*.dll* *.dll*
*.exe *.exe
*.mo *.mo
*.o *.o
*.pc *.pc
*.pot *.pot
*.so* *.so*
.*.swp .*.swp
.depend .depend
config.h config.h
config.mak config.mak
config.log config.log
x264 x264
checkasm checkasm
*.264 *.264
*.2pass *.2pass
*.mkv *.mkv
*.mp4 *.mp4
*.y4m *.y4m
*.yuv *.yuv
x264_2pass.log *.log
.digress_x264 .digress_x264
*.pyc dataDec.txt
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