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    Macroblock-tree ratecontrol · 835ccc3c
    Fiona Glaser authored
    On by default; can be turned off with --no-mbtree.
    Uses a large lookahead to track temporal propagation of data and weight quality accordingly.
    Requires a very large separate statsfile (2 bytes per macroblock) in multi-pass mode.
    Doesn't work with b-pyramid yet.
    Note that MB-tree inherently measures quality different from the standard qcomp method, so bitrates produced by CRF may change somewhat.
    This makes the "medium" preset a bit slower.  Accordingly, make "fast" slower as well, and introduce a new preset "faster" between "fast" and "veryfast".
    All presets "fast" and above will have MB-tree on.
    Add a new option, --rc-lookahead, to control the distance MB tree looks ahead to perform propagation analysis.
    Default is 40; larger values will be slower and require more memory but give more accurate results.
    This value will be used in the future to control ratecontrol lookahead (VBV).
    Add a new option, --no-psy, to disable all psy optimizations that don't improve PSNR or SSIM.
    This disables psy-RD/trellis, but also other more subtle internal psy optimizations that can't be controlled directly via external parameters.
    Quality improvement from MB-tree is about 2-70% depending on content.
    Strength of MB-tree adjustments can be tweaked using qcompress; higher values mean lower MB-tree strength.
    Note that MB-tree may perform slightly suboptimally on fades; this will be fixed by weighted prediction, which is coming soon.
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