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      . Some cleaning in the TrickModule :
        Function :
                           "m_pConverter->GetNextPacket(C_Packet * Packet)"
        is replaced by :
                           "...->GetNextPackets(C_Fifo<C_Packet> * Packet)".
        The main reason is that sometimes, it is not easy for the converter
        to give only *one* packet. In the case of the ps2ts converter and
        raw2ts converter, the basic operation for the converter is to
        convert a ps/raw frame into *several* TS packets. In that case, it
        is easier for the converter to give a buffer of several TS packets.
        I think this is the right way to do things. This commit is a big
        step to ps2ts and raw2ts reparations.
        v4l support and raw2ts will be repaired in my next commit... be patient !
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