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    Application of my DVB patch · 7df50bea
    Andrew de Quincey authored
    1) Fix compile failure with latest CVS
    	 Parameter added to C_Broadcast
    2) Fix busy loop on DVB signal loss
    	 Occasionally, if the DVB signal is lost (e.g. unplug cable, or just
    tune to an intermittently bad signal), vls enters a busy loop, using
    100% CPU. Not good if you're running vls at priority FIFO 1 (machine
    lockup). This adds extra sleeps to cope with this.
    3) Added support to configure.in for later versions of libdvb
    	 Back-compatable with previous versions.
    	 The configure script itself has not updated by me as I'm probably using a
    	 weird version of autoconf.
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