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    . Makefile: when profiling with gcc/gprof you have to link with -pg option · 8e8eebe4
    Damien Lucas authored
    . dummyinterface: add a m_bStop attribute so that we can stop it
                      change the sleep delay for 2 sec (delay when stopping)
    . normaltrickplay: add a todo : we should not release a lock that another
                        thread locked
    . telnetinterface: adds a path notion : when in 'xxxxxx' directory 'yy'
       command launches xxxxxx_yy()
    . interface.cpp: unref the module count in the destructor so that we are
        able to unload the module at shutdown
    . ALL :
        1/ change the following functions:
            . added 'cd'
            .  changed the 'help' command
            . added 'broadcast/ls'
            . added 'broadcast/add'
            . added 'broadcast/del'
            . added 'broadcast/help'
            . added 'channel/ls'
            . added 'channel/add'
            . added 'channel/del'
            . added 'channel/help'
        2/ the manager.cpp file has been split in 3
            . manager_broadcast.cpp contains all the broadcasts related functions
            . manager_channel.cpp contains all the channels related functions
        3/ thread structure:
            . all the interface are now threaded and not only the (n-1) first ones.
            . main thread is not any more the last interface one but is now the
              manager one (C_Manager does not inheritate from C_Thread any more)
        4/ shutdown
            . fix all the shutdown bugs : vls now shuts down correctly when Ctrl-C
              and when shutdowing from interface
    Plans for a 0.6.0 version
      I think you should plan a 0.6.0 release. Major improvements would be:
        . interface modularisation
        . v4l input
        . trickplay (even if there is no new feature so far )
        . new telnet command architecture
      I identify the following bugs that need to be fixed for the release:
        . v4l input broken since trickplay commit (assigned to tooney)
        . ps2ts converter broken since trickplay commit (assigned to jpsaman)
        . dvb input to be re-wrote (trickplay  & libdvb use) (assigned to me)
    if you want to had any new code in that release, please tell us quickly.
    if you know any ug that is not mention here, please tell us too.
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