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<author>written by Cyril Deguet <htmlurl url="" name=
$Id: vls-guide.sgml,v 1.8 2002/03/26 19:51:50 bozo Exp $
$Id: vls-guide.sgml,v 1.9 2002/03/27 18:11:05 asmax Exp $
This document describes how to install, configure, and run the VideoLAN Server
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<item><ref id="q1" name="When will a FAQ be written?">
<item><ref id="q1" name="I cannot stream DVDs. What is wrong ?">
<item><ref id="q2" name="Can I use a TV card with vls ?">
<tag/When will a FAQ be written?/ <label id="q1">
Very soon ;)
<tag/I cannot stream DVDs. What is wrong ?/ <label id="q1">
Check in your input.cfg: you must use the variable "Device" instead of
"FileName" to configure a DVD input. If you want to stream an encrypted DVD,
check you have <htmlurl name="libdvdcss"
url=""> installed.
<tag/Can I use a TV card with vls ?/ <label id="q2">
The VideoLAN Server can only take MPEG streams on its input, so you must have
a board able to produce a MPEG stream. Under linux, the only card able to do
that is the kfir mpeg2 encoder developed by BMK (see
<htmlurl url="">).
You can also do software encoding (with <htmlurl name="ffmpeg"
url=""> for instance) and use a named pipe (fifo)
to feed the vls with the encoded MPEG stream.
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