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    Damien Lucas authored
    Added a command line launching solution for easy configuration.
    By 'easy', I mean one mpeg-2 input streamed to one ipv4 network output.
    syntax is:
    vls [options] target
    with target like:
      dvd:/dev/dvd                - for reading from the device
      dvd:/mnt/videos/dvd1        - for files stored on a hard drive
      file:/mnt/videos/stream1.ts - for a local file
       when using file method, vls detects wether it is a MPEG2-TS or MPEG2-PS
       but does not detect MPEG1-PS.
      -f (--file)        to specify the configuration file
      -l (--loop)        with start streaming with loop option
      -v (--verbose)     verbose level (-v, -vv, -vvv)
      -d (--destination) specify IP and port to broadcast to
                          (multicast IP are automaticaly detected)
      -t (--ttl)         specify TTL
      -h (--help)        display a short syntax help
      --log              specify logfile
    To do this, I had to change few things:
      . in vls.cfg section "vls" (or ...)  are now called "global"
      . you just have one configuration file local inputs are described inside
          (I will add a include directive soon)
    But documentation is no longer up to date. We are going to rewrite it soon
    Those changes should only be available on system with getopt headers and
    should have broken anything in other OS. But I am not that sure ;-)
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