Commit f96043e8 authored by Rohit Yadav's avatar Rohit Yadav

EffectUser.cpp: Check type of the effect and only add supported effect types

Supported effect types currently are Effect::Filter and Effect::Mixer2
parent abc02f8d
......@@ -47,11 +47,15 @@ EffectUser::~EffectUser()
EffectUser::addEffect( Effect *effect, qint64 start /*= 0*/, qint64 end /*= -1*/ )
//FIXME: Check it the effect type is supported
//Check that effect type is one of the supported ones
if ( effect->type() == Effect::Filter || effect->type() == Effect::Mixer2 )
EffectInstance *effectInstance = effect->createInstance();
EffectHelper *ret = new EffectHelper( effectInstance, start, end );
addEffect( ret );
return ret;
return NULL;
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