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......@@ -9,43 +9,43 @@ Dependencies
Get the sources
$git clone git://
git clone git://
Building and packaging VLMC on Linux
A typical way to build VLMC is:
$mkdir build && cd build
mkdir build && cd build
To set install path: (optional)
$cmake ..
cmake ..
To package:
$make package
make package
But this by default will search for available pkg builders and build accordingly.
To force building deb:
$cpack -G DEB
cpack -G DEB
To force building rpm:
$cpack -G RPM
cpack -G RPM
Installing on Linux
On Linux:
$dpkg -i <deb package>
$rpm -i <rpm package>
dpkg -i <deb package>
rpm -i <rpm package>
To remove:
$dpkg -r vlmc
$rpm -e vlmc
dpkg -r vlmc
rpm -e vlmc
Running VLMC
......@@ -18,9 +18,9 @@ Download and unzip (libVLC) contribs for Mac OSX (i386), in /contribs from:
On Mac OS:
$mkdir build && cd build
$cmake ..
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
This will by default create a Mac Bundle, in /build/bin
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