Commit ac6f48bb authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

ProjectManager: Introduce an IProjectManagerUiCb interface

parent 8f217282
......@@ -35,10 +35,43 @@ class QFile;
class QDomDocument;
class QXmlStreamWriter;
class IProjectManagerUiCb
virtual ~IProjectManagerUiCb() {}
* @brief shouldSaveBeforeClose Ask the user if she wants to save the project in case
* it's about to be closed
* @return True if the project should be saved. False if changes are to be discarded.
virtual bool shouldSaveBeforeClose() = 0;
* @brief getProjectFile Ask the user where to save a new project
* @param defaultPath A default project location, if any.
* @param isOpen True if the project will be opened, false if it's about to
* be saved.
* @return The selected project file
virtual QString getProjectFile( const QString& defaultPath, bool isOpen );
* @brief shouldLoadBackupFile
* @return True if the user wants to load the backup file.
virtual bool shouldLoadBackupFile() = 0;
* @brief shouldDeleteOutdatedBackupFile
* @return True if the user wants to delete this backup file
virtual bool shouldDeleteOutdatedBackupFile() = 0;
class ProjectManager : public QObject
Q_DISABLE_COPY( ProjectManager );
Q_DISABLE_COPY( ProjectManager )
static const QString unNamedProject;
static const QString unSavedProject;
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