Commit c6fceb7c authored by Pawel Golinski's avatar Pawel Golinski Committed by luyikei
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PreviewWidget: Cast to intptr_t on passing id to setWindowId()

Signed-off-by: luyikei's avatarYikai Lu <>
parent 975cfff8
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ PreviewWidget::setRenderer( AbstractRenderer* renderer )
// Give the renderer to the ruler
m_ui->rulerWidget->setRenderer( m_renderer );
auto output = new Backend::MLT::MLTSdlOutput;
output->setWindowId( m_ui->renderWidget->id() );
output->setWindowId( (intptr_t)m_ui->renderWidget->id() );
m_renderer->setOutput( std::unique_ptr<Backend::IOutput>( output ) );
#if defined ( Q_OS_MAC )
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