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Documentation update: AbstractGraphicsMediaItem

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......@@ -87,30 +87,42 @@ public:
* Returns the current tracksView for the item,
* or 0 if the item is not stored in a tracksView.
* \details Returns a pointer to the tracksView which contains the item,
* or NULL if the item is not stored in a tracksView.
TracksView* tracksView();
* Contains the old trackNumber
* \brief Contains the old trackNumber.
unsigned int oldTrackNumber;
* Contains the old position
* \brief Contains the old position.
qint64 oldPosition;
* Pointer to the linked item
* or NULL if it isn't.
* \brief Return a pointer to the linked item.
* \details This method will return NULL if there is no linked item.
AbstractGraphicsMediaItem* groupItem();
* \brief Set the width of the item.
* \param width Width in frames.
void setWidth( qint64 width );
* \brief Set the height of the item.
* \param height Height in pixels.
void setHeight( qint64 height );
protected slots:
* \brief Adjust the length of the item according to the associated Clip.
* \details This method should be called when the clip size change
void adjustLength();
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