Commit 4cf403b7 authored by Hugo Beauzee-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzee-Luyssen
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Adding more default shortcut

parent 7024bf8f
......@@ -67,15 +67,23 @@ void VLMCSettingsDefault::loadKeyboardShortcutDefaults()
SettingsManager::getInstance()->addNewSettingsPart( "keyboard_shortcut" );
loadKeyboardShortcutDefaults( "default" );
loadKeyboardShortcutDefaults( "keyboard_shortcut" );
//Will be committed by the load method
#define ADD_SHORTCUT(NAME, KEYS) setMan->setValue( part, QObject::tr( NAME ), QVariant( QObject::tr( KEYS ) ) )
void VLMCSettingsDefault::loadKeyboardShortcutDefaults( const QString& part )
QString tmp;
SettingsManager* setMan = SettingsManager::getInstance();
setMan->setValue( part, "cut_cursor", QVariant( QObject::tr( "x" ) ) );
setMan->setValue( part, "normal_cursor", QVariant( QObject::tr( "n" ) ) );
ADD_SHORTCUT( "Selection mode", "n" );
ADD_SHORTCUT( "Cut mode", "x" );
ADD_SHORTCUT( "Launch media preview", "Ctrl + Return" );
ADD_SHORTCUT( "Start render preview", "Space" );
//A bit nasty, but we better use what Qt's providing as default shortcut
ADD_SHORTCUT( "Undo", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Undo ).toString().toLocal8Bit() );
ADD_SHORTCUT( "Redo", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Redo ).toString().toLocal8Bit() );
return ;
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