Commit 46c0f3cd authored by Hugo Beauzee-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzee-Luyssen
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Fixing a shortcut bug.

Menu shortcut weren't updated
parent c39e2757
......@@ -45,7 +45,11 @@ KeyboardShortcutHelper::KeyboardShortcutHelper( const QString& name, QAction *ac
m_name( name ),
m_action( action )
QString set = VLMC_GET_STRING( name );
action->setShortcut( set );
SettingsManager::getInstance()->watchValue( name, this,
SLOT( shortcutUpdated( const QVariant& ) ),
SettingsManager::Vlmc );
void KeyboardShortcutHelper::shortcutUpdated( const QVariant& value )
......@@ -88,7 +88,6 @@ MainWindow::MainWindow( QWidget *parent ) :
......@@ -163,31 +162,39 @@ void MainWindow::changeEvent( QEvent *e )
//use this helper when the shortcut is binded to a menu action
#define CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( key, defaultValue, name, desc, actionInstance ) \
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( key, defaultValue, name, desc ); \
KeyboardShortcutHelper *helper##actionInstance = new KeyboardShortcutHelper( key, m_ui.actionInstance, this );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/defaultmode", "n", "Select mode", "Select the selection tool in the timeline" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/cutmode", "x", "Cut mode", "Select the cut/razor tool in the timeline" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/mediapreview", "Ctrl+Return", "Media preview", "Preview the selected media, or pause the current preview" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/renderpreview", "Space", "Render preview", "Preview the project, or pause the current preview" );
//A bit nasty, but we better use what Qt's providing as default shortcut
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/undo", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Undo ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Undo", "Undo the last action" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/redo", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Redo ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Redo", "Redo the last action" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/help", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::HelpContents ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Help", "Toggle the help page" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/quit", "Ctrl+Q", "Quit", "Quit VLMC" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/preferences", "Alt+P", "Preferences", "Open VLMC preferences" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/fullscreen", "F", "Fullscreen", "Switch to fullscreen mode" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/newproject", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::New ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "New project", "Open the new project wizzard" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/openproject", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Open ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Open a project", "Open an existing project" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/save", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Save ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Save", "Save the current project" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/saveas", "Ctrl+Shift+S", "Save as", "Save the current project to a new file" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/closeproject", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Close ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Close the project", "Close the current project" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/importmedia", "Ctrl+I", "Import media", "Open the import window" );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_KEYBOARD( "keyboard/renderproject", "Ctrl+R", "Render the project", "Render the project to a file" );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/undo", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Undo ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Undo", "Undo the last action", actionUndo );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/redo", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Redo ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Redo", "Redo the last action", actionRedo );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/help", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::HelpContents ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Help", "Toggle the help page", actionHelp );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/quit", "Ctrl+Q", "Quit", "Quit VLMC", actionQuit );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/preferences", "Alt+P", "Preferences", "Open VLMC preferences", actionPreferences );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/fullscreen", "F", "Fullscreen", "Switch to fullscreen mode", actionFullscreen );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/newproject", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::New ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "New project", "Open the new project wizzard", actionNew_Project );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/openproject", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Open ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Open a project", "Open an existing project", actionLoad_Project );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/save", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Save ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Save", "Save the current project", actionSave );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/saveas", "Ctrl+Shift+S", "Save as", "Save the current project to a new file", actionSave_As );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/closeproject", QKeySequence( QKeySequence::Close ).toString().toLocal8Bit(), "Close the project", "Close the current project", actionClose_Project );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/importmedia", "Ctrl+I", "Import media", "Open the import window", actionImport );
CREATE_MENU_SHORTCUT( "keyboard/renderproject", "Ctrl+R", "Render the project", "Render the project to a file", actionRender );
VLMC_CREATE_PREFERENCE_LANGUAGE( "general/VLMCLang", "en_US", "Langage", "The VLMC's UI language" );
void MainWindow::setupLibrary()
//GUI part :
......@@ -494,30 +501,6 @@ void MainWindow::on_actionRedo_triggered()
UndoStack::getInstance( this )->redo();
#define INIT_SHORTCUT( instName, shortcutName, actionInstance ) \
QString instName = VLMC_GET_STRING( shortcutName ); \
KeyboardShortcutHelper* helper##instName = new KeyboardShortcutHelper( shortcutName, m_ui.actionInstance, this ); \
m_ui.actionInstance->setShortcut( instName );
void MainWindow::initializeMenuKeyboardShortcut()
INIT_SHORTCUT( help, "keyboard/help", actionHelp );
INIT_SHORTCUT( quit, "keyboard/quit", actionQuit );
INIT_SHORTCUT( preferences, "keyboard/preferences", actionPreferences );
INIT_SHORTCUT( fullscreen, "keyboard/fullscreen", actionFullscreen );
INIT_SHORTCUT( newProject, "keyboard/newproject", actionNew_Project );
INIT_SHORTCUT( openProject, "keyboard/openproject", actionLoad_Project );
INIT_SHORTCUT( save, "keyboard/save", actionSave );
INIT_SHORTCUT( saveAs, "keyboard/saveas", actionSave_As );
INIT_SHORTCUT( closeProject, "keyboard/closeproject", actionClose_Project );
INIT_SHORTCUT( importProject, "keyboard/importmedia", actionImport );
INIT_SHORTCUT( renderProject, "keyboard/renderproject", actionRender );
INIT_SHORTCUT( undo, "keyboard/undo", actionUndo );
INIT_SHORTCUT( redo, "keyboard/redo", actionRedo );
void MainWindow::on_actionCrash_triggered()
//WARNING: read this part at your own risk !!
......@@ -65,7 +65,6 @@ private:
void createStatusBar();
void createGlobalPreferences();
void createProjectPreferences();
void initializeMenuKeyboardShortcut();
void initVlmcPreferences();
void setupCrashTester();
......@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ PreferenceWidget::PreferenceWidget( const QString &categorie, SettingsManager::T
label->setToolTip( s->description() );
widget->widget()->setToolTip( s->description() );
layout->addRow( label, widget->widget() );
m_settings.push_back( widget );
setLayout( layout );
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