Commit 1691efc5 authored by Ludovic Fauvet's avatar Ludovic Fauvet

cmake: unused file

parent 2d8d3642
<qresource prefix="/Lang">
<file alias="es">ts/vlmc_es.qm</file>
<file alias="fr">ts/vlmc_fr.qm</file>
<file alias="sv">ts/vlmc_sv.qm</file>
<file alias="pt_BR">ts/vlmc_pt_BR.qm</file>
<file alias="ja_JP">ts/vlmc_ja_JP.qm</file>
<file alias="it">ts/vlmc_it.qm</file>
<file alias="sk">ts/vlmc_sk.qm</file>
<file alias="uk">ts/vlmc_uk.qm</file>
<file alias="cs">ts/vlmc_cs.qm</file>
<file alias="nl">ts/vlmc_nl.qm</file>
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