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VLC media player 3.0.21 'Vetinari'

This is the twenty-second release of VLC 3.0 branch, named "Vetinari",
in reference to the Lord Patrician from Discworld.

This update contains a few improvements and some fixes:
 - Super Resolution scaling with AMD GPU
 - nVidia TrueHDR filter for SDR->HDR generation
 - support for Opus Ambisonic
 - support for HTTP content range (RFC 9110)
 - better subtitles generation for Complex Text Layout on macOS
 - improvements for MP4 and Opus support
 - new AMD VQ Enhancer filter
 - 3rd party libraries updates
 - fixes for VAAPI, HLS, UPNP modules and reduction of warnings and crashes
 - fix for the crash on macOS with devices with more than 9 channels
 - fix a potential security issue on MMS (heap buffer overflow)