Commit e422c3b5 authored by Rémi Duraffort's avatar Rémi Duraffort

Do the RIGHT check of asprintf.

parent 686fbd9c
......@@ -909,8 +909,7 @@ int libvlc_InternalInit( libvlc_int_t *p_libvlc, int i_argc,
if( psz_codecs )
char *psz_morecodecs;
asprintf(&psz_morecodecs, "%s,dmo,quicktime", psz_codecs);
if( psz_morecodecs )
if( asprintf(&psz_morecodecs, "%s,dmo,quicktime", psz_codecs) != -1 )
config_PutPsz( p_libvlc, "codec", psz_morecodecs);
free( psz_morecodecs );
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