Commit a27a4550 authored by Rémi Denis-Courmont's avatar Rémi Denis-Courmont

Fix --syslog

psz_logmode is tested for NULLity, so we need to use *NonEmpty*.
Also, always delete the variable. If the reference count was 1, we will
revert back to the configuration value, which makes no difference.
parent f0040526
......@@ -946,7 +946,7 @@ int libvlc_InternalInit( libvlc_int_t *p_libvlc, int i_argc,
if( config_GetInt( p_libvlc, "syslog" ) > 0 )
char *logmode = var_CreateGetString( p_libvlc, "logmode" );
char *logmode = var_CreateGetNonEmptyString( p_libvlc, "logmode" );
var_SetString( p_libvlc, "logmode", "syslog" );
intf_Create( p_libvlc, "logger,none" );
......@@ -955,7 +955,6 @@ int libvlc_InternalInit( libvlc_int_t *p_libvlc, int i_argc,
var_SetString( p_libvlc, "logmode", logmode );
free( logmode );
var_Destroy( p_libvlc, "logmode" );
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