Commit 7bd62e08 authored by Johannes Kauffmann's avatar Johannes Kauffmann Committed by Steve Lhomme
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meson: opengl: use 'in' instead of contains()

This is simpler and shorter.
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......@@ -45,13 +45,13 @@ if opengles2_dep.found()
# interop_sw
if ['darwin', 'android'].contains(host_system) or opengl_dep.found() or opengles2_dep.found()
if host_system in ['darwin', 'android'] or opengl_dep.found() or opengles2_dep.found()
interop_sw_deps = [gl_common_dep, m_lib]
interop_sw_cargs = []
if have_osx and opengl_dep.found()
interop_sw_deps += libvlc_opengl
elif ['darwin', 'android'].contains(host_system) and opengles2_dep.found()
elif host_system in ['darwin', 'android'] and opengles2_dep.found()
interop_sw_deps += libvlc_opengles
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