Commit 4791527a authored by Alexandre Janniaux's avatar Alexandre Janniaux Committed by Tristan Matthews
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medialibrary: dump location path for medialibrary

The location helps determine where the user loaded the medialibrary
parent 603afb47
......@@ -419,6 +419,8 @@ MediaLibrary* MediaLibrary::create( vlc_medialibrary_module_t* vlc_ml )
medialibrary::LogLevel::Debug : medialibrary::LogLevel::Warning;
cfg.logger = std::make_shared<Logger>( VLC_OBJECT( vlc_ml ) );
msg_Dbg(VLC_OBJECT(vlc_ml), "Opening medialibrary from %s, db at %s",
dbPath.c_str(), mlFolderPath.c_str());
auto ml = NewMediaLibrary( dbPath.c_str(), mlFolderPath.c_str(), true, &cfg );
if ( !ml )
return nullptr;
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