Commit 1aa49992 authored by Rémi Duraffort's avatar Rémi Duraffort

Fix race condition : volume-change variable is requiered by rc interface module

and was created after the creation of the interface.
parent d0a0c358
......@@ -858,6 +858,10 @@ int libvlc_InternalInit( libvlc_int_t *p_libvlc, int i_argc,
* Load background interfaces
/* Create volume callback system. (this variable must be created before
all interfaces as they can use it) */
var_Create( p_libvlc, "volume-change", VLC_VAR_BOOL );
psz_modules = config_GetPsz( p_libvlc, "extraintf" );
psz_control = config_GetPsz( p_libvlc, "control" );
......@@ -981,8 +985,6 @@ int libvlc_InternalInit( libvlc_int_t *p_libvlc, int i_argc,
var_Create( p_libvlc, "drawable-clip-bottom", VLC_VAR_INTEGER );
var_Create( p_libvlc, "drawable-clip-right", VLC_VAR_INTEGER );
/* Create volume callback system. */
var_Create( p_libvlc, "volume-change", VLC_VAR_BOOL );
/* Create a variable for showing the fullscreen interface from hotkeys */
var_Create( p_libvlc, "intf-show", VLC_VAR_BOOL );
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