Commit aadc8d7a authored by Ludovic Fauvet's avatar Ludovic Fauvet

playlists: remove block,click from the popup with the window

From time to time Tizen fails to set the focus and immediately hide the
keyboard therefore clicking outside the window feels like the best thing
to do, except that it would close the popup instead of removing the
parent 402d7120
...@@ -68,13 +68,6 @@ playlists_popup_destroy(playlists *pl) ...@@ -68,13 +68,6 @@ playlists_popup_destroy(playlists *pl)
free(pl); free(pl);
} }
static void
on_new_playlist_background_touched(void *data, Evas_Object *obj, void *event_info)
playlists* pl = (playlists*)data;
static void static void
on_create_playlist(void* data, Evas_Object* obj, void* event_info) on_create_playlist(void* data, Evas_Object* obj, void* event_info)
{ {
...@@ -156,8 +149,6 @@ playlists_new_playlist_popup(playlists* pl) ...@@ -156,8 +149,6 @@ playlists_new_playlist_popup(playlists* pl)
/* */ /* */
elm_object_content_set(pl->new_playlist_popup, layout); elm_object_content_set(pl->new_playlist_popup, layout);
evas_object_show(pl->new_playlist_popup); evas_object_show(pl->new_playlist_popup);
evas_object_smart_callback_add(pl->new_playlist_popup, "block,clicked",
on_new_playlist_background_touched, pl);
// Give focus to the input // Give focus to the input
elm_object_focus_set(new_playlist_input, EINA_TRUE); elm_object_focus_set(new_playlist_input, EINA_TRUE);
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