Commit 928a529c authored by Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen

audio_player: Update the more button when opening the equalizer

parent 097290db
...@@ -296,6 +296,7 @@ popup_selected_cb(void *data, Evas_Object *obj EINA_UNUSED, void *event_info) ...@@ -296,6 +296,7 @@ popup_selected_cb(void *data, Evas_Object *obj EINA_UNUSED, void *event_info)
apd->mpd->p_playlists = playlists_popup_show(apd->mpd->intf, p_media->i_id); apd->mpd->p_playlists = playlists_popup_show(apd->mpd->intf, p_media->i_id);
break; break;
elm_image_file_set(apd->mpd->fs_more_btn, ICON_DIR"ic_more_circle_normal_o.png", NULL);
evas_object_del(apd->mpd->popup); evas_object_del(apd->mpd->popup);
apd->mpd->p_equalizer = equalizer_create(apd->mpd->intf, apd->mpd->p_ps); apd->mpd->p_equalizer = equalizer_create(apd->mpd->intf, apd->mpd->p_ps);
break; break;
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