Commit 28c6d479 authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem

media_item: add get_filename helper

parent 12af2c57
......@@ -84,6 +84,12 @@ media_item_identical(const media_item* p_left, const media_item* p_right);
media_item_set_meta(media_item *p_mi, enum MEDIA_ITEM_META i_meta, const char *psz_meta);
static inline const char *
media_item_get_filename(const media_item *p_mi)
const char *psz_filename = strrchr( p_mi->psz_path, '/' );
return psz_filename ? psz_filename + 1 : p_mi->psz_path;
#define media_item_title(p_mi) (p_mi)->psz_metas[MEDIA_ITEM_META_TITLE]
#define media_item_artist(p_mi) (p_mi)->psz_metas[MEDIA_ITEM_META_ARTIST]
#define media_item_album(p_mi) (p_mi)->psz_metas[MEDIA_ITEM_META_ALBUM]
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