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3. Change `BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER_PREFIX` in `SharedConfig.xcconfig` to your domain name in reverse DNS style.
4. Hit "Build and Run".
## Compile with your own VLCKit's build
1. Clone a VLCKit repository: `git clone`
2. Inside your VLCKit folder, run the following command: `./ -a ${MYARCH}`
MYARCH can be `i386` `x86_64` `armv7` `armv7s` or `aarch64`.
Add `-d` for a debug build (to have valid stack straces and asserts).
Add `-n` if you want to use you own VLC repository for VLCKit (See VLCKit
3. Replace the MobileVLCKit.framework with the one you just build. Inside your vlc-ios folder, after a `podate update`, do:
`cd Pods/MobileVLCKit-unstable/MobileVLCKit-binary`
`rm -rf MobileVLCKit.framework`
`ln -s ${VLCKit}/build/MobileVLCKit.framework`
4. Hit "Build and Run".
## Errors you might encounter on the way
### Build errors in Xcode
......@@ -37,4 +49,5 @@ For everything else, check:
or look here:
For fast replies, IRC is probably the best way. We hang out in the #videolan channel on the freenode network. There is also a web interface:
We're happy to help!
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We're happy to help!
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