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News: updated to include CC and 360

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# Changelog
## iOS [3.1.0]
· We added a feature many of you waited for: Chromecast support
· We fixed a bug where files on your phone were not displayed in VLC
· 360 videos can be viewed by moving your phone now
· Stability and performance improvements when decoding H.264/H.265 in hardware
· Improved audio playback quality
· Fixed a regression preventing the download of certain media files via http
· Fixed a regression where downloaded files might disappear
## tvOS [3.0.3]
· Improved audio passthrough behavior
· Audio / Subtitles track selector now appears without pausing first
· Greatly improved hardware decoding performance for H.264 and H.265 (Apple TV 4K only)
## tvOS [3.0.2]
· Fixes issues with not being able to resume playback
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